About the Founder

Savoca Enterprises was founded in 1985 by the father-daughter partnership between Anthony “Tony” Savoca and Sharon Savoca Mahin as a real estate management, development, and construction firm. The company’s growth was cemented by wise investments and renovations of residential properties and strategic commercial development projects for a variety of local commercial properties.

Together, Tony and Sharon made a formidable team: He managed the construction and real estate development projects while she managed the financials and company business development efforts. The company’s solid management, reputation, and extensive business contacts helped Savoca Enterprises to expand the company’s business ventures to Florida and, today, is considered a “go to” resource for growth strategies for clients across a myriad of industries.

Today, Savoca Enterprises is the umbrella company providing services under the following entities:

  • dba Savoca Professional Services
  • dba Savoca Construction
  • dba Savoca Technology


We a woman-owned and operated enterprise certified by the following agencies:

Advisory Board

Our company vision is influenced by a team of seasoned professionals who serve as our Advisory Board. We are honored to have access to their experience and insights:

Anthony Citrolo, Partner, New York Business Brokers Inc.

Luis Cuneo, Founder & CEO, Mojavie, Inc.

Angela Gray, President & CEO, TaxHampton, Inc.

Sharon Mahin, President

Sharon is a recognized “game changer” when it comes to identifying the right resources for her clients’ business needs. Her unique knack for making those introductions has solidified her reputation as a valued strategic partner to MWBEs, Prime Vendors, and Procurement Professionals in Corporate and Government.

Prior to SE, Sharon established a very impressive career in finance and real estate. She was Vice President of Operations at Cohen Fashion Optical; Residential Loan Origination Manager at General Motors; Loan Origination Manager at European American Bank; CFO at Nationwide Ultra Seal and CFO at the Nassau County Bar Association; and held licenses in Real Estate Sales and Mortgage Broker Lending.

Sharon’s career as an independent business owner was launched in 1985 when she and her father, Anthony “Tony” Savoca, started Savoca Enterprises, a real estate management, development, and construction firm. Tony managed the construction operations while Sharon focused on the company financials and business development efforts. She also collaborated with the legal team on buy/sell transactions, permits, and zoning issues; and worked with architects on building design elements.

Over time, MWBEs, Prime Vendors, and Procurement Professionals were tapping into her visionary perspective on promoting growth and meeting supplier diversity goals. Not one to pass up on an opportunity, Sharon launched Savoca Professional Services.

Savoca Professional Services provides MWBEs with readiness assessments, identifies funding resources, and provides them access to a team of certified professionals who can serve as an ad hoc resource as CFO, CPA, Legal, and Process Improvement Professional. For Prime Vendors and Procurement Professionals, Sharon identifies qualified MWBE vendors with, both, the certifications and experience needed to meet their business requirements.

In addition to serving as President of Savoca Enterprises, Sharon heads Mahin Impressions, a qualified diversity supplier of printing services to over 100 Fortune 500 companies and numerous government agencies.

Sharon is a member of WBENC’s National Leadership Forum and serves on the Steering Committee for the WPEO-NY (a WBENC RPO). She is also active with the Women’s Impact on Public Policy (WIPP); ISM-NY, Women’s Builders Council (WBC); and the Manhattan and Queens Chambers of Commerce.

For a free consultation to see if we are good fit for each other contact us at 646.226.7731 or info@savocaenterprises.com.

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