Those are three key elements in building a successful business.  No matter how qualified you are – or how unique your offering – it can take a long time and a great deal of effort to create relationships that will lead to business.  On average, it can take three to five years for a new business to qualify for a government contract and up to two years to obtain a significant corporate contract.  Savoca’s services are designed to help woman-owned businesses like yours steeply reduce that curve by identifying and making the right connections and effectively demonstrating how your products and services meet their specific needs and concerns.

Certification evaluation

 Choosing the supplier diversity certification path that is right for your business is not quite as simple as it sounds.  Each certification process – WEBNC, NMSDC, SBA/EDWOSD, 8-A – comes with built-in advantages.  The one that makes the most sense for you is the one you are most likely to qualify for that is also most widely respected by the organizations you plan to work with.  Savoca will help you weigh the options and partner with someone who can shepherd you through the application process

Strategic opportunity planning

Many businesses survive hand-to-mouth by accepting whatever walks in the door.  To be truly successful, though, you have to be strategic by identifying clearly what organizations you want to work with – and why they might want to work with you.   Savoca will help you map out your opportunities – including some within your current client base.  We increase your chances of success by getting very specific about potential prospects and their needs.

Marketing and branding retooling

Whether you are just starting your woman-owned business or continuing an established business with a new diversity certification, your branding and marketing efforts need to reflect your status in a way that is both compelling and easy for prospects to grasp.  Simply slapping a diversity certification logo on your website or brochure is not going to cut it.  Savoca can help you create a new brand with diversity at its core or weave the diversity theme into your existing branding. 

Relationship and sales coaching

In a highly competitive environment is it easy to wear yourself – and your prospects – out by having relationship “touches” that are ill-timed or poorly calibrated to the prospect’s concerns.  Savoca will help you develop a pitch-perfect approach to messaging and relationship nurturing that will keep your pipeline full of solid prospects and reduce the amount of time you spend with those who are not yet ready to buy.

Internal practices assessment

Any business that seeks to perform as a diversity supplier needs to “walk the walk” or risk serious damage to its credibility.  Savoca will help you evaluate your own purchasing practices and create a diversity purchasing program that is properly scaled for your enterprise. 

Connection acceleration

If there is one single thing Savoca does better than anyone else for its clients, it’s making connections.  We have built an enormous network of diversity-aware contacts in both the private and public sectors.  When you work with us, we’ll put that network to work for you, helping you get past the gatekeepers and cut through the red tape so you can start having those important meetings, building those critical business relationships and closing the transactions that are essential to your long-term success.