The people and enterprises that choose to work with Savoca are in a variety of product and service businesses.  They do, however, have a few things in common:  they are already successful, they bring extraordinary skill and insight to the work they do, and they typically have a track record of creating a demand for their products and services.  They have something else in common:  they are looking to play a bigger game, to widen their scope of opportunities and, frequently, to reinvent their businesses.  Our clients come to us because they know that it often takes a dynamic team to move from today’s successes to tomorrow’s dreams.

While we can work with nearly any business if there is a good fit, we most frequently collaborate with firms in:

arrowgray Construction and real estate

    > General contractors

    > Real estate development and analysis

    > Real estate management

arrowgray Green enterprises

    > Building and office supplies

    > Energy

arrowgray Marketing and communications

    > Design and branding firms

    > Marketing and advertising firms

    > Printing and publishing

arrowgray Technology

If you are in one of these industries – or a related field – and are ready to expand your business’ reach, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us at 646.226.7731 or [email – probably something general] for a free consultation.